Ye Sung n Lee Teuk Cyworld, Fancafe, Photo Entry

01.01.2010 Fancafe Entry Update

He wrote 1 each for onsaemiro and chunhweeryung

10.01.01 17:01

..happy new year..

..i say it’s the beginning..

..who says it’s the end..

10.01.01 17:02

..beginning and the end..

..i say it’s the beginning

source: 온새미로
translated by: carolyn @

01.01.2010 Sidebar Update

Image at the time of the update:


..I love you and I love you..

Other images used for this update:

His current one:

The one before his current one:

Original Source. 박정수미니홈피
Translated by. Gaia at SJ-WORLD.NET
Images provided by. yanlingx3 & vinibear

01.02.2010 Diary Entry Update

2010.01.02 02:32

..Omma please be healthier in the new year..

..It seemed that I had had many things to do…so I couldnt take care of you well..

.. I say it’s the beginning..<

Credits: 박정수 Cyworld
translated by evanesco @
thanks ❧ y σ υ for the shout out
may take out with full credits

01.01.2010 Photo Entry + Title Update


2010 also together with Super Junior^^

Photo entry in Memory’s folder:

2010.01.01 18:19

Anytime (I) want to take a picture of my daily life ^^

Photo entry in Television’s folder:

2010.01.01 18:17

2009 12 30 ..

2010.01.01 18:18

2009 12 31 ..

It’s You…

credits: 김종운 cyworld
translated by superlover♫ @
thanks vinibear for the shout out
may take out with full credits and dont add in your own credit

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